For the love of music, the Music Guild of New Mexico supports, promotes, and encourages nonprofit musical organizations that will educate, enhance, engage, and enrich the quality of our New Mexico community, especially its youth.

MGNM Board & Officers

Executive Board

Carol Cooper-Skopil
Teresa Edens
Liz Titus
Past President/Nominating
Anne McKinney
JoAnn Pagliero

General Board Members/Officers

Dana Wilson
Vice President of Membership
Susan Rogers
Vice President of Membership
Forrest Courtney
Vice President of Communications
Gwinn Hall
Vice President of Grant Selection
Karla Bressan
Vice President of JMYAC
Christy Herbert
Vice President of Señoritas
Mary Merrell
Vice President of the Señorita Ball
Ann Jarrell
Director at Large
Julie Silverman
Director at Large

Non-voting Officers

Compliance Officer
Sam Sherman
Assistant Treasurer
Craig Kendall
Web Manager
Ginger Grossetete
Past Presidents
Julie Silverman
Past Presidents

Committee Chairs

Molly Calvani Butkus
Future Señoritas