For the love of music, the Music Guild of New Mexico supports, promotes, and encourages nonprofit musical organizations that will educate, enhance, engage, and enrich the quality of our New Mexico community, especially its youth.

About Our Grants Program

For questions about MGNM grants contact our MGNM Grants team by clicking here to visit our Contact page, select Grants from the Subject Area pull-down, enter the subject as well as some information about your inquiry and after clicking Send message someone with the MGNM Grants team will get back with you as soon as possible.

To help us maintain a high level of impartiality in our selection process, we request the applicants follow all the guidelines carefully, including submitting a current nonprofit organization registration with the NM Attorney General’s Office and a current financial statement.

The minimum amount for grant awards is $500 and the maximum is $6,000. The amount of each award and the number of awards granted is determined by the amount raised by the Music Guild of New Mexico during the year. Awards are typically announced in May. The current grant application is posted to this page for download when we begin accepting yearly applications.

Over the past five years of the Grant Program, the Music Guild awarded a total of $454,000. We appreciate our past recipients as they have provided immeasurable benefits to thousands of New Mexicans through wide-ranging music and performance venues. We look forward to new and repeat applicants.

Annually, The Music Guild of New Mexico invites nonprofit organizations to submit funding requests for programs or projects benefiting music organizations in New Mexico. Per the Mission and Vision statements, special consideration is given to projects and programs focusing on Youth and Education.

Our mission is to promote and encourage nonprofit music organizations that educate, engage and enrich the music community. We look forward to supporting organizations that help provide a healthy music culture for the State of New Mexico, especially its youth.