For the love of music, the Music Guild of New Mexico supports, promotes, and encourages nonprofit musical
organizations that will educate, enhance, engage, and enrich the quality of our New Mexico community, especially its youth.

Guild Awards

The Jackie Guaderrama and Grace Note Awards are member awards that are given to deserving members quarterly and annually, respectively.

The Jackie Guaderrama Award

Jackie, a beloved Past President of the Music Guild, passed away in October 2014. The MGNM President/s acknowledges at each quarterly luncheon a member who embodies Jackie’s volunteer spirit and love of the Music Guild.

  • Dana Wilson
  • Jean Carlyle
  • Alyson Collins & Susan Rogers
  • Gwinn Hall
  • Karla Bressan
  • Susan Georgia
  • Kelly Lawrence
  • Katie Gallegos/Roberson
  • Mary Bunch
  • Myja Peterson
  • Karen Hopkins
  • Dana Wilson
  • Paula Bradley
  • Yvette Lyle
  • Missy G and Susan R
  • Karla Bressan
  • Pam Readon
  • Karen Hopkins
  • Yvette Lyle
  • Pam Readon
  • Sharon Hart
  • Lindsey Kirchhevel
  • Rick & Roz Cohen
  • Theresa Butterfield
  • Paula Bradley
  • Mary Sue Warner

Grace Note Award

A Grace Note is a musical note which adds an embellishment to a musical selection. This award is given annually to a Music Guild member whose contributions of time and effort to the Guild is singularly outstanding. The criteria to be considered are: longevity of service, variety of service, and promotion of the MGNM in the community. The award recipient is nominated by fellow Music Guild members and presented at the May Membership Luncheon.

The following Members are Past Recipients of the Grace Note Award:

  • Jean Carlyle
  • Diana Whitehouse
  • Suzanne Jacobi
  • Roz Cohen
  • Ann Jarrell
  • Paula Bradley
  • Yvette Lyle
  • Jackie McGehee
  • Gayle McCormick
  • Judy Gilman
  • Teri Fahs
  • Alyce Cummins
  • Sam Sherman
  • Marianne Kelly
  • Lisa Thomas*
  • Julie Silverman
  • Sue Brown
  • Kathy Preonas
  • Sally Stevens
  • Monica Bowlin
  • Karla Bressan
  • Teresa Edens
  • Geri Jones
  • Cookie Emerson
  • Kathy Emery
  • LaRue McClung*
  • Patte DiMonaco
  • Karen Newmark
  • Karen Bovinette
  • Susan Lentz
  • Judy Lackner
  • Beverly Cramer
  • Anne Butterfield
  • Gale Doyel
  • Maxine K. Friedman
  • Pat Conway
  • Pat Carli
  • Dixie Burch
  • Zelda Feldman
  • Joan Allen
  • Millie McMahon
  • Penny Macuga
  • Sebrena Trembly*
  • Eleanor Seligman*
  • Peg Findlay*
  • Grace Thompson Edmister*
  • Harriet Robb*